Life | Babakamp Eco Ranch & Retreat


We are
outdoor & movement lovers
running an Eco Farm and Retreat Center
located on 24 acres of land
at an altitude of 1300m
above the Mediterranean Sea We have
an enchanting forest
partially crossed by the Lycian Way
right next to us
that houses cedar, juniper, spruce, sandalwood, laurel, kermes oak,
and red pine trees
as well as various animal species

We share
the land with rich endemic flora, domestic&wild animals; and the goats of our nomadic neighbors that pass through the woods towards the sunset

We care
for the natural resources of
energy, light, warmth and water on our land
also grow our own vegetables

We move
throughout the four seasons
with grace, and great respect to nature
and leave places and each other
better than how we have found them

We play
in our fully equipped, windowed studio
across the gorgeous Babadağ
with a capacity of 80 people
and would love to provide you
and your large gatherings
with whatever you need
to make your stay here
an unforgettable one

We jam
co-create, collaborate, improvise
make art
sing & circle around the fire
with mind-body-soul researchers
from all over the world

We dance
to the sunset
and authentic tunes by various musicians
above the clouds

We feel
nourished, delighted and grateful 
after each colorful meal
consciously prepared
and presented
by our talented kitchen team

We live
in naturally built stone & wood houses
bungalows, tents and vans
and would love for you to experience
a cozy Babakamp stay
right under the stars

We craft
and design artwork
and jewelry in the workshop
with natural materials
available for your purchase
in the boutique nextdoor

We gather
with our local and global communities
at different events each year
in which you can participate
also as an artist or facilitator

We have
daily activities
from trekking to yoga and dance
live music and artistic performances
and our surrounding area
has so much to offer
both historically and recreationally
for those who like to discover

We look
forward to having you
and your guests over
as part of our international community
that move, feel and breathe