Establishing Babakamp, 4 Seasons: Winter

Establishing Babakamp, 4 Seasons: Winter

babakamp babakamp 17 Haziran 2018 Babakamp

It’s been three years since I put a few things in my trailer and hit myself in the south. After a seasonal work experience in Fethiye, I continued to make discovery camps with my caravan. This was a discovery that I made to my own core.
The roads lead me to the rivers, the seas, the mountains, the forests, the villages, the plateaus, and every day I find myself closer to nature and therefore to myself.
In one of my exploration camps in Babadağ, I saw a plain covered with cedar, red pine, juniper and pnnar (kermes oak) forests while looking at the landscape from the top of the mountain. I just went down. This was Akcaovacik.

Smell of Geven, cedar and junipers blending with each other, the fresh air, beautiy of the landscape that made me tranquil and desire to fly which felt me very well. The shepherd family who lived here hosted me in their home. We talked about their semi-nomadic lifestyles and highlands. The father is a beekeeper, and the mother has been a shepherd on this mountain for 15 years, after which she transferred this duty to his eldest son. She is interested in gardening and housework, and helps with caring for herd.

After that day, I had an excuse to go to Akçaovacık. I was taking my friends, camping and walking with the shepherd. He introduced me to the region he knew well.

My visits also continued in their villages which they move for winter. I understand that I want to apply the simplicity to my own life. Soon I was on the highland. 🙂

In May 2016, I intended to make a small place to stay for myself, but the desire to share this beauty has outweighed and the business grew a little more and turned into a project. Soon after, Seher who came to visit me joined me in this project and life.

There was no infrastructure and no GSM signal except for certain points in the plateau. We were sleeping on the mezzanine floors of the roofless houses those are under construction, under the trees, in the forests. We had our tea in the samovar and our meals were cooked in a wood fire. Since we did not have any garden yet, we were able to meet our needs from our neighbor’s garden and the small farmer market established in Fethiye on Fridays and we found ourselves flowed into with this new life very quickly.

Our intention was to spend the winter in the highland. No one had spent the winter here before and everyone said it would be very difficult, they were trying to dissuade us. Months passed quickly and winter came. Construction of houses ended. Solar panel was installed for electricity. The infrastructure was largely completed. But we couldn’t prepare for the winter. 🙂

The first snow fell on December 13, and after that, it did not stand for two months. In this very beautiful place, we now woke up to dreamy mornings where the earth and the sky stood in a white cloud.

In the morning strolls, we saw the footprints of our four-legged neighbors that we had never met, and wondered why they still did not appear to us. Cows that have not yet migrated to their villages are spreading on their return roads, and the horses were going through the highlands to eat the bushes at higher heights. Snow melted, weather started to get warmer. When it was time to plant and pruning, we started to work in the vineyard-garden. I will tell you about spring in Akçaovacık in another article;)