Babadağ is one of the 100 mountains that the World Cultural Heritage Foundation advocates that needs to be protected. In the last ice age, the region has a rich flora and fauna as it does not have a pre-glacial period, as it possibly miraculously remained isolated.

A rare and blessed cedar, juniper, anduz, laurel trees, sandalwood, oak, red pine forest, consisting of many endemic plants and steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean surround the mountain.

The uniqueness of the steep mountains along the seafront and the breathtaking panorama of the slopes make Babadag the perfect location for paragliding. With its new ropeway project and restaurants located at the summits of natural wonders, it becomes a center of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Babakamp is named after Babadağ. It is located in 24 acres of Akçaovacık plateau at an altitude of 1300 m.

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