About Us
Who we are
A sanctuary where the air is crisp that graces the landscape 
At Babakamp, we welcome you into a shelter where the fresh breath of nature embraces every corner, creating a haven of peace. With a deep belief in the rejuvenating power of nature, the limitless potential of creativity, and the unifying force of community, Babakamp is more than just a retreat center. It's a harbor where your soul finds peace, a workshop where creative minds meet, and an arena where your passion for exploration freely dances. Nestled in the embrace of nature, we meticulously honor every creature of this land and the harmony of life, celebrating the connection between us and the natural world.

Our Story
Our Purpose 
Crafting purposeful journeys towards holistic living  
Our core team at Babakamp is a vibrant group of young individuals who have chosen to make the mountain their home and the art of experience design their passion. Living and breathing the essence of Babadağ, each team member brings a unique set of talents and strengths, contributing to the beautiful mosaic of collaboration that defines our haven.
Why Babakamp
Eco-sustainable resort
Holistic wellness
Epic Mountain view
Pet Friendly
Meet our Tribe
Mehmet Can Yener

I am everywhere at Babakamp uniting nature and movement loving souls.
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Selin Soluna
Sales Manager

Everywhere around, spreading positivity making sure you’ll have the most pleasant journey with us at Babakamp.
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Zahit Öztekin
Administrative Manager

Find me at the administrative office at Babakamp working on improving the Babakamp experience.
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Ayşenur Menteşe

I'm chatting with Babakamp's unique nature; the trees patiently await our future guests. I'm always just a chirp away!
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İlsu Coştal
Front Office

Find me at the reception at Babakamp, working on uniting everyone who carries the Babakamp spirit.
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Haspihan Öztürk
Front Office 

Find me at the Media Office Babakamp working on finding future Babakampers. Free time? Let's play some music!
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Our values
We Embrace Nature
We are outdoor and movement enthusiasts, running an Eco Farm and Retreat Center nestled on 24 acres of land at an altitude of 1300m above the Mediterranean Sea.
Custodians of a Natural Oasis
Our enchanting forest, partially crossed by the Lycian Way, is home to cedar, juniper, spruce, sandalwood, laurel, kermes oak, red pine trees, and various animal species.
Stewards of Resources
We are committed to caring for our natural resources. We manage energy, light, warmth, and water on our land while also growing our own vegetables.
Sustainable Living at Babakamp
Embracing conscious choices for a Better World
At Babakamp, we wholeheartedly embrace a sustainable lifestyle and conscious living as fundamental principles of our existence. Our commitment to sustainability is driven by the understanding that we are stewards of the beautiful nature that surrounds us.
Our Sustainable Lifestyle
Energy Usage
We minimize our energy consumption by harnessing solar power and carefully managing electricity usage.
Water Usage
We cherish the pure mountain water and advocate for conscious consumption to minimize waste.
Food Sourcing
Our meals are curated from local and seasonal ingredients to support sustainability and stimulate the local economy.
Practical Information
Navigating your Babakamp experience with ease
Discover the essential details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable visit to Babakamp. From travel directions and accommodation details to onsite amenities and daily schedules, our practical information guide is your go-to resource for everything you need to know.
Babakamp holds a wide and vibe range of self-curated, well-prepared, global-minded events of movement, arts, dance, music, yoga, wellness, nature, family, mind, body and soul throughout the year.
Babakamp holds a wide and vibe range of self-curated, well-prepared, global-minded events of movement, arts, dance, music, yoga, wellness, nature, family, mind, body and soul throughout the year.
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