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Welcome to Babakamp, not just a destination, but a journey into the heart of creativity and nature's wonders. Nestled beneath the majestic gaze of Mountain Babadağ, our retreat center serves as a canvas for the soul, where the whispers of the morning breeze inspire artistry, and the colors of the setting sun fuel passion.
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Babakamp is an ideal setting for retreats, weddings, corporate events, family gatherings, and celebrations of every kind. With the Lycian Way as your backdrop, every event becomes a storybook tale. Our eco-friendly ethos and facilities like solar panels, glamping sites, and natural construction ensure your event is not only memorable but also harmonious with nature.
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Explore the ideal backdrop for your personalized retreat at Babakamp Eco-Ranch & Retreat, nestled in the heart of Fethiye’s majestic mountains. Here, the tranquility of nature blends seamlessly with comprehensive facilities, offering a sanctuary for those seeking to lead their own retreats. From the serene embrace of yoga practices to the deep introspection of vipassana, Babakamp provides a versatile foundation for a diverse array of retreat themes including healing, wellness, spiritual growth, and tantra. Our commitment to sustainability and holistic wellness makes Babakamp not just a location, but a journey towards renewal and connection.
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We offer comprehensive support to organizers, including access to our multi-purpose facilities, state-of-the-art audio systems, and customizable spaces that can be adapted to suit the unique needs of your camp. Our venue boasts panoramic views of Babadağ peak, creating an unparalleled atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration in Türkiye (Turkey), Fethiye. With a vast area dedicated to professional and recreational gatherings, Babakamp is equipped to host camps of all sizes.
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Nestled in Fethiye's serene mountains, Babakamp offers a unique backdrop for your gatherings. Whether it's a corporate retreat, family reunion, or social gathering, our eco-friendly haven sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Immerse yourself in nature's tranquility as you gather with loved ones. With our versatile venue, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations, each event is meaningful and memorable.
  • Testimonials
    "Babakamp is a must-visit for adventure seekers. The unique blend of outdoor activities, breathtaking views, and lively festival atmosphere make it the ideal getaway."
    Katherine Moss
    Adventure Explorer
  • Testimonials
    "The surreal atmosphere above the clouds and outstanding lineup made every moment unforgettable. I'll be coming back for the music, the vibes, and the incredible community."
    Katherine Moss
    Project Manager, Layers
Flexible Accommodations
From cozy cabins to luxury glamping tents, our accommodation options provide comfort and immersion in nature, ensuring a restful stay for all participants.
Versatile Workshop Spaces
Our indoor and outdoor workshop areas, equipped with essential amenities, offer adaptable spaces for group activities, sessions, and quiet reflection.
Natural Splendor
Direct access to nature's wonders, from mountain trails and ancient ruins to tranquil forest paths, enriching the retreat experience with adventure and exploration.
Craft your own Experience with us
Whether you're an event designer looking to host a gathering or a silent retreat, Babakamp invites you to book the entire venue or host smaller events while remaining open to guests from outside the group.
Organize your retreat with us
Babakamp offers a unique blend of natural beauty, comprehensive facilities, and tailored services designed for retreat organizers. Set in the tranquil Akçaovacık Plateau, it provides a serene environment perfect for yoga, meditation, creative workshops, and outdoor activities. Our eco-friendly approach and commitment to sustainability make us an ideal choice for those looking to create a meaningful and impactful retreat experience.
Facilities include versatile workshop spaces, outdoor yoga decks and indoor 180sqm studio, comfortable eco-friendly accommodations, a variety of dining options catering to all dietary needs, and dedicated areas for meditation and relaxation. Additionally, the vast natural surroundings offer endless opportunities for hiking, exploration, and connection with nature.
Yes, Babakamp offers comprehensive support to retreat organizers, including logistical planning, activity scheduling, access to expert facilitators, and marketing assistance. Our team works closely with organizers to ensure a smooth, successful retreat tailored to your specific needs and goals.
Absolutely. Babakamp specializes in creating customized retreat experiences. From guided nature hikes and meditation sessions to creative arts workshops and wellness activities, we can tailor the retreat schedule to match the theme and objectives of your group, ensuring a unique and enriching experience for all participants.
Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly accommodations, use of renewable energy sources, organic gardens, and conservation practices. We aim to minimize our environmental impact while providing a nurturing space for our guests to reconnect with nature.
Babakamp is located at an altitude of 1300 meters in Fethiye, Turkey, surrounded by pine and cedar forests on a 24-acre plateau. The nearest stop from the Lycian Way is Kirme. The nearest beach is Kıdrak Beach, a half-hour drive away. We are 45 minutes from Ölüdeniz and 1 hour from Fethiye bus station.
You can reach Babakamp by your private vehicle, utilizing our dedicated transfer service, or renting a transfer. For groups aiming for efficiency, sharing larger vehicles is an ideal option. Transfer is available from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye bus station. We recommend driving slowly over the last 4 km of dirt road. Parking is conveniently located just outside Babakamp. The nearest airport for travelers is Dalaman (DLM), making it a straightforward destination for both local and international guests.
Babakamp can host up to 200+ people at a time, with accommodation for 82 people. We can welcome an additional 120+ guests with their own tents or caravans.
Babakamp hosts many events throughout the year that individuals can participate in. Check out our events & festivals page for more information on how to join.
Yes, children can participate in nature hikes, gardening, observing animals, crafting at our art workshop, playing in the playground, and enjoying board games and books in shared spaces.
Since 2015, Babakamp has been open for a diverse range of retreats, from yoga to spiritual gatherings. We are excited to support the unique visions that organizers bring to our venue.
Babakamp holds a wide and vibe range of self-curated, well-prepared, global-minded events of movement, arts, dance, music, yoga, wellness, nature, family, mind, body and soul throughout the year.
Babakamp holds a wide and vibe range of self-curated, well-prepared, global-minded events of movement, arts, dance, music, yoga, wellness, nature, family, mind, body and soul throughout the year.
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